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What exactly am I purchasing?
Your purchase is for a twenty digit voucher code that can be used to create a MegaUpload Premium Account or upgrade your existing account to Premium status.
How can I redeem a MegaUpload Premium Voucher?
Redeeming a voucher couldn't be easier! Simply visit the MegaUpload Redeem Voucher page and enter your code! If you are logged in it will upgrade you to Premium or extend your premium subscription if you already have one. In the event you are not logged in, it will guide you through the process of creating an account, or give you the option to login to an existing account should you already have one.
Will my unused MegaUpload voucher expire?
No! You can save this voucher for as long as you want, there are no expiration dates!
Are MegaUpload Premium vouchers refundable?
Absolutely! If you purchased it from us and it has not been used, we will issue you a FULL refund!
How long before I get my MegaUpload Premium Account voucher?
New customers receive vouchers in as little as 5 minutes thanks to our sophisticated anti-fraud automatical delivery system! Returning customers who have built a relationship with us receive their vouchers INSTANTLY! Our staff is available all day and most of the night to make sure your vouchers are sent out fast!
How are MegaUpload vouchers delivered?
We email all vouchers to the PayPal email address the payment was sent from. There are NO exceptions to this policy.
I lost my MegaUpload voucher, what do I do?
Lost your MegaUpload Premium Voucher? No problem! Contact us and we will re-send it ASAP!

Do I still have a 74 minute time limit on MegaVideo?
No! You can watch unlimited videos with no time restrictions on MegaVideo!

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